Sex Ed A Go Go is where sex education gets sexy!

Welcome to New York’s only sex positive and body positive live talk and variety show hybrid, hosted by the indomitable Dirty Lola, a sex educator, storyteller, and sex toy peddler who has made her name making sex education fun and empowering. Sex Ed A Go Go is the perfect place for adults to ask frank questions and participate in conversation about their bodies, fetishes, and other sex-related inquiries from sex education and sex industry professionals. Have a chance to get your questions answered and check out the finest of New York’s burlesque and go-go dancers all at the same time.

Get empowered, get sexy, and get going–live in New York City!

I know I was supposed to be taking in some sex-ed…and I did… but most of the time I was too busy laughing with the guests and enjoying the dancing to learn all the things. Even when I was on as a guest, we had so much fun on that stage that I didn’t notice how much I was taking in.

– Kevin Patterson, Curator of the Poly Role Models blog

I got the HUGE gift of watching SEAGG at CatalystCon West. The show was a wonderful blend of funny, sexy, and informative. If I could always learn information with this much fun involved I would love learning even MORE! Highly recommended!

– Dr. Liz Powell

Sex Ed A Go Go is fucking hilarious. Lola is warm, witty, and crazy knowledgeable about all manner of sex stuff. She and the Pussy Posse are tearin’ it up! There’s no show quite like it.

– Taia Handlin

I was introduced to “Sex Ed a Go Go” at Self Serve’s Pornotopia Festival in Albuquerque. Talk about love at first sight! Dirty Lola is a G-D gift to humanity, and her forward-leaning show has everything I love about sex positive education. Sexy, smart, and pee-your-pants funny, SEAGG shimmers with talented guests and honest, accurate info that goes deep. I’ve since followed along on social media and cheer whenever I see announcements for shows in new cities. If SEAGG comes to our town, you must go!

– Jiz Lee, adult entertainer and author