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What is Sex Ed A Go-Go?

Sex Ed A Go-Go is one part sex Q&A and one part variety show. We are a LIVE show and a podcast. Audience members can submit anonymous questions for Lola and The Pussy Posse to answer on stage. On the spot. No prep. To liven things up we throw in go-go dance break featuring some of the hottest go-go and burlesque performers in NY. It’s funny, sexy and informative. 

How old do I have to be to attend Sex Ed A Go-Go?

Our monthly show is held in a bar, so all attendees MUST be 21 years of age or older.  On the occasion that we hold the show in spaces where alcohol isn’t served our shows are 18+. 

Can I pay at the door?

Yes! The price of admission is $15 if you purchase your tickets at the door. 

Where can I send my questions for the show?

If you can’t attend a live show and would like to submit a question send them to Lola@SexEdAGoGo.com and we’ll add them to our mailbag! 

Who is The Pussy Posse?

The Pussy Posse is composed of a rotating cast of special guests and performers who join Lola on stage to answer your questions in a real and honest way. We’ve had sex educators, bloggers, podcasters, comedians, therapists, porn stars, magazine editors and a slew of burlesque performers join our ranks. 

How can I bring Sex Ed A Go-Go to my City / College / Home?

To book Lola and The Pussy Posse for private events, bachelor/bachelorette parties and speaking engagements send requests to Lola@SexEdAGoGo.com.