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SEAGG The Podcast Episode #029: The Black Girl Magic Show


Celebrated activist and internet phenomenon, Ericka Hart and the spectacular spectacle, Foxy Squire, joined Lola on stage at Otto’s Shrunken Head on February 25th for another installment of Sex Ed A Go-Go.

We kicked off the fourth season of Sex Ed A Go-Go with two amazing women.  It was a night filled with black girl magic and so many giggles!

On this episode of Sex Ed A Go-Go, Lola and the crew chat about art and activism, peeing on men dressed up like the orange menace in Las Vegas hotel rooms, squirting, tips for riding your partner into the sexy sunset, talking dirty, texting dirty and how to keep it fresh, and my favorite thing EVER, sucking dick and telling stores.


You can find Ericka Hart on Twitter, @iHartEricka and online iHartEricka.com

You can find Foxy Squire on Twitter, @FoxySquire and online FoxySquire.com

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