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SEAGG 023: The Prince Show AKA The Bonus Show

Happy Mother'sDay!



Actress and filmmaker, Hye Yun Park, and the sultry Vera Safire joined Lola on stage at Otto’s Shrunken Head in New York City on May 5th for another installment of Sex Ed A Go-Go.

This show was originally scheduled to air in May after the death of Prince, but due to technical difficulties and wonky audio, it was delayed.  Because the quality of the audio is off we decided to air this as a bonus episode, but don’t worry the quality of the show is still right on point.

On this episode of Sex Ed A Go-Go, Lola, and the crew chat about their love of the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson using sexuality as the vehicle for their activism, early sexuality discoveries and adventures, internet hot vs. in person hot, and losing things in their boobs.

You can find Hye Yun Park on Twitter, @HyeHeyYun, and at www.HyeYunPark.com.

You can find Vera Safire on Twitter as @VeraSafire

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