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Hooray for PROvember!!!!

PROvember Creator Lucas Brooks

November has become synonymous with men’s health issue awareness, mainly prostate health,  thanks to the great success of the Movember campaign. Awareness is a wonderful thing, but one has to wonder if all of those sexy mustachioed men know what to do with all that awareness. That’s where the PROvember Project comes in.  Created by the Intellectual Homosexual himself, Lucas Brooks, the PROvember Project brings education and information to the awareness party. Lucas has rounded up some of his favorite sex geeks, including yours truly, to bring you prostate tutorials, pleasure tips, toy reviews, giveaways and much more!

Check out the PROvember Project site for more information on the project. Until then, live long and prostate!! ( I totally stole that from Lucas. Sex Geeks Rule!! )



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