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Next Show!!! August 28th @ CAVEAT!!!

Get empowered, get sexy, and get going live in New York City!!!

Welcome to New York’s ONLY sex and body positive live talk and variety show hybrid, hosted by the indomitable Dirty Lola.

Sex Ed A Go-Go is the perfect place for adults to ask frank questions and hear real conversations about bodies, fetishes, relationships, and other sex-related subjects from sex education and sex industry professionals. Grab a friend and join Lola and her Pussy Posse at their brand new home Caveat!! Get your questions answered and check out New York’s finest burlesque and go-go dancers all at the same time!

This month Allison Moon and Fox Squire will be joining the Pussy Posse!!


21 A Clinton Street Btwn Stanton & Houston

August 28th @ 6:30pm

Get Tickets Here!

$18 Early Bird

$22 At The Door

Make sure you have lots of singles for our Drag King Supreme and for our awesome raffle B-Vibe!!

Not Just Another Dating Site: #Open

There was a time when I would go out and meet people at parties or at the bar, but as I’ve gotten older and busier dating apps have become my main pipeline to meeting new folks. I’ve invested a lot of time in crafting the perfect profile and tried my best to communicate who I am and all of the intersections of my identities using the very narrow parameters most of these dating sites provide.   While I think I’ve done a pretty good job at representing myself none of the dating sites I’ve joined over the years made it easy. As if It is ‘t already ROUGH out there in the dating world.

Then, there was #Open. A brand new sex-positive dating site that is dedicated to being inclusive and diverse. Seriously. When I created my profile I was ready to just copy and paste the same old description and struggle to check boxes for the same narrow categories you see on other dating apps, but I was pleasantly surprised. #Open was nothing like the other apps. Not only do they have 24 options for gender, 23 options for sexual orientation, and 10 options for relationship styles but they also allow you to create partnered profiles for all the different ways we link together. I also really enjoyed not having to fill in all of this information about my body. It just made the whole process a lot less stressful.

By the time I finished setting up my profile, I realized that #Open wasn’t just giving lip service to being a more diverse and inclusive site. They welcome everyone to join, but their focus is to create a safer space for people of color; LGBTQIA folks; kinky people; trans, genderqueer, and non-binary folks; disabled folks; people of all gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, body sizes, abilities, and relationship styles. They are working to create a space where folks feel seen in all of their identities. 

If you’re tired of trying to fit yourself in a bunch of tiny boxes on dating sites or just don’t feel seen or represented you should give #Open a try. I’m there! Come and find me!


Sex Ed A Go-Go is Going to Playground!!!


Sex Ed A Go-Go is heading to Canada and we’re bringing out magical sexy shenanigans to the Playground Conference in Toronto on February 24th!! It is AMAZING to be taking our show back on the road to such an awesome conference. We are especially stoked about our line up. We have our very first all Canadian Pussy Posse!!!  Luna Matatas, Taylor Mace, and Zyra Lee Vanity will be joining Lola on stage as we take over the Playground Conference for the very first time!!!

We hope to see you there!!

Dirty Lola is Heading to Catalyst Con!!!

Dirty Lola is returning to Catalyst Con this September 15th -17th with events and talks all weekend long!!

Lola is kicking off the unofficial first night of the conference with CCon A Go-Go: A Welcome Q&A! If it’s your first time at CatalystCon, you’re a wee bit shy or you just want to hang out with awesome folks join CatalystCon alumni Dirty Lola, Katie Mack, and Zyra Lee for an evening of con survival tips, laughter, and PRIZES!!

Friday morning join Lola for Get Booked: Everything You Need to Know about Marketing your Workshops and Events. She will guide you through the process of finding the shop or venue that fits your teaching style and needs, the proper way to reach out to venues, and everything you need to know about putting together and submitting your workshop or event proposal. She will also give you tips and resources that will help shops and venues market your event and advice from other workshop coordinators from around the country. This workshop requires a separate registration. You don’t have to be attending the conference to attend the talk.

Saturday you’ll have two chances to hear Lola speak. She’ll be presenting Femme as Fuck: The Devaluation of Femininity Within The Feminist Movement with Antoinette Patterson and Rebecca Hiles and Behind The Curtain: Running Multiple Day Events And Coming Out Sane with Cathy Vartuli and Dee Dennis.

Sunday Lola will close out her west coast tour by joining Dr. Liz Powell and Cathy Vartuli for Shame, Perfectionism, and Redemption: How Our Community Can Clean Things Up, Restore Justice, and Heal.

There’s still time to register for Catalyst Con and catch Lola and other amazing folks share their knowledge! It’s definitely going to be a memorable weekend!

Toys We Adore: The b-Vibe Novice Plug

When the folks at b-vibe asked if I wanted to test out their new Novice Plug I hesitated.  I am by no means an anal newbie. I outgrew my trusty beginner’s plug long ago and replaced it with a more substantial model once it refused to stay anchored between my cheeks.  So how would the Novice Plug fair against my well season butthole?  Would it stay in place? Could I still enjoy a beginner’s sized plug after all this time? I decided to give it a try.

When I opened the Novice plug it looked tiny in its neat little box and even smaller in my hand.  After pairing it to the wireless remote I washed it up with my favorite mild soap and grabbed my go to water based booty lube. It slipped in without a problem and the base nestled comfortably between my ample globes.  It was time for testing!

I decided that a good way to test the staying power of the Novice Plug would be to wear it around the house while I did a few chores.  I chose activities that involved a lot of moving around, bending over, and squatting. To my surprise, it stayed snugly in place while I scrubbed the bathtub, walked up and down stairs doing laundry and mopped the kitchen floor, even while on the highest speed.  During the two hours, I wore the plug I only had to stop once to adjust it. A definite win in my book and an interesting afternoon of chores thanks to the 6 intensity levels and 15 vibration patterns.

In the end (ha ha) I really enjoyed the Novice Plug. The powerful vibrations made up for what it lacks in size, and its pleasing shape keeps it from slipping out of place.  The base is big enough to anchor it but small enough to wear comfortably for a long period of time, unlike my larger non-vibrating plug. I didn’t play around with the little remote much, but I found it easy to use and it has a decent range of about 30 feet. That will definitely come in handy during partnered play.

I would definitely recommend this plug to newbies and experienced anal players alike. It’s small enough for a beginner, but strong enough to give those with experience a new thrill. If you prefer more girth to go along with your vibration don’t  worry, B-vibe also offers the Trio and Rimming Plugs.


Meet October’s Special Guest, Bastard Keith!!

Bastard Keith

Bastard Keith is a burlesque MC, singer, writer and gadabout. He is the inventor of “Burletiquette.” With his partner Rosebud, he founded The Sophisticates, the only burlesque show to be thrown out of the Plaza Hotel for indecency. He is the regular MC for DUMBO Burlesque. He hosts frequently at the Slipper Room and appears in various shows throughout New York and worldwide, from Vancouver to Helsinki. He has emceed large events for Vice and Bacardi.

You can meet Keith and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on October 6th!

NEXT SHOW!!! Thursday, October 6th @ Otto’s Shrunken Head!

Copy of Copy of SEAGG Flier

Do you like sex, go-go dancing and funny ladies with amazing cleavage? Then you should definitely join us for the next installment of Sex Ed. A Go-Go at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!!

Sex Ed. A-Go-Go is one part ADULT sex Q & A; one part go-go revue. Once a month Dirty Lola and The Pussy Posse take the stage to openly and honestly answer your anonymous questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships in a fun and entertaining way. In between the sex talk we showcase some of NY’s hottest go-go and burlesque performers doing their thing.

Join us at Otto’s Shrunken Head, and get ready to be educated and titillated by Dirty Lola and the Pussy Posse!!

We’re going to talk about any and everything your little hearts ( or loins) desires!!

This month burlesque MC, writer, and all around sexy motherfucker, Bastard Keith will be joining the Pussy Posse along with the ethereal Mandarine Moon-Fly!!! We’re going to talk about any and everything your little hearts ( or loins) desires!!

$7 Early Bird (BUY TICKETS HERE )

$10 At The Door

2 Drink Minimum

Make sure you have lots of singles for our giver of go-go goodness, Mandarine Moon-Fly and for our awesome raffle sponsored by BLEWIT!!

Meet September’s Giver of Go-Go Goodness, Bianca Dagga!!


Bianca Dagga is a fierce queer Burlesque performer from NYC. She has been gracing stages all over the United States for 7 years now. She was crowned princess of Latin burlesque in 2014. In February of 2016, she made her international debut in Macau, China with Brown girls burlesque. She is the sweet girl with the hot Picante kick. Bianca takes off her clothes for the sake of humanity because when we all take off our clothes what is left is our minds, heart smile, and souls.

Catch Bianca’s Pussy Posse debut Thursday, September 1st at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!

Meet August’s Diva of the Shimmy and Shake, Akynos!!!

Akynos 2

Welcome to my world. This bio is written in the first person because, art.

 My official stage names are The Incredible, Edible, Akynos, Or MFA (MothaFuckin’ Akynos) It’s pronounced (Ah-Key-Nos). My tagline: “The Beast Of Burlesque” was given to me by performer friend Voodoo Onyx. I’m a New York raised stripper. Featured in nude magazines, music videos and adult websites since I was 17. I’m a MILF supreme, nappy hair having, 45” of ass, performance artist. You can find me taking it off in burlesque showcases across the globe but primarily on NYC stages. I’ve featured/headlined in showcases both locally and internationally. In 2009 I was the winner of the best soloist and judge’s choice award at the Boston Burlesque Expo. In the same year I was runner up for the Miss International Showgirl competition in Jamaica; (one day I will compete again). I’ve curated shows in my homeland of Jamaica at the infamous Hedonism II resort, NYC, Vegas, and DC. My last projects were Darkie, THICK and Dark. Nude. Storytellers. which makes a reappearance this October 2017. My upcoming projects are my new one-woman show “Black Pussy”, the scripted web series “Chronicles Of A Black Heaux”, and the social/whore commentary web-series “Whore Logic”, (currently on YouTube) all need your support and attention. 

 A leadership and program developer/organizer I am also a member of several different sex worker ran/lead organizations where I’ve lobbied in New York State against Condoms As Evidence and helped make recommendations on human rights policies at The UN. Some of these wonderful organizations which I hope you will support are: The Desiree AllianceThe Sex Worker Film & Arts FestivalBest Practices Policy Project,SWOP-NYCWe Are Dancers and The NJ Red Umbrella Alliance; because being a ho should be every woman’s [person’s] fundamental right. And sex work is work. Don’t debate me on that. I’ll tear you down.

 I was a dance major in high-school and had a short theater acting stint until I decided to take a long break to raise my children and deal with patriarchy. I’ve performed in, competed and won many talent competitions since I was 12. These days I’m a borough famous emerging artist who holds two college degrees, working as a massage therapist and a maid because something has to support my artistic habit. All the while I’m wagging my duster at you, screaming for the rights of every human to use their body and energy how they choose. Walk with me. -A”

See the Incredible Edible Akynos in action at SHAG After Dark on August 13th!

Meet August’s Special Guest Rebecca Hiles AKA The Frisky Fairy!!!

ccon resize

One of my favorite femmes will be joining the Pussy Posse for the third time! Cause she’s that awesome!

Rebecca Hiles is a dating, relationships, and sexual wellness coach called The Frisky Fairy(www.friskyfairy.com ). She is a writer who addresses issues of polyamory, cancer, sex education, and sex toys. She has contributed to Sexpert.com, xoJane.com, and has had her writing featured on EverydayFeminism.com discussing her life as a polyamorous cancer patient, among other things.  She has spoken at CatalystCon East, West, and Midwest, Poly For All Seasons, AwesomeCon, Rocky Mountain Poly Living, Atlanta Poly Weekend, InfinityCon, The Geeky Kink Event, and Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. She is a member of the Poly Leadership Network and is certified as a sex educator through Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. She was voted one of the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014 and 2015. She is a member and contributor to the Gentle Perverts Social Club   podcast. She is co-writing a book on coming out as poly (comingoutpoly.co) and you can help by submitting your coming out stories there.

Learn more about The Frisky Fairy on August 13th at SHAG After Dark! Get your tickets today!