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Meet This Month’s Special Guest: Katie Mack!!


To say I adore this woman is an understatement. She is a witty  sex positive wonder. I’m super excited to have her joining us on stage this month. She’s been an unofficial member of the Pussy Posse for a while now, but we’re finally making it official on September 3rd. Look out Otto’s! Katie Mack is coming through!

Katie Mack is a writer, sex toy reviewer, and co-host of Carnalcopia, a sex and relationships podcast. Next up, Katie will be speaking at CatalystCon West, presenting “Slut Shaming in the Sex-Positive Community” with Carol Queen, jessica drake, and Tiny B Hiney. You can find Katie on twitter @thatkatiemack, on Carnalcopia through itunes and thecarnalcopia.com, and on her website at thatkatiemack.com.

Get your tickets here!

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