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Meet May’s Shimmy and Shake Diva, Vera Safire!!


Vera Safire is a go-go dancer and stage kitten shimmying across New York stages and bars. Her love of midcentury fashion and classic films got her started in front of the camera as a pinup model. Wanting to take her aesthetic and love of dance to the stage, Vera debuted as a kitten and go-go for D20 Burlesque last year. Moving easily between classic, camp and raunchy, Vera likes to incorporate classic 1960s go-go moves (and fringe) into her sets while leaving space for decidedly less classic booty shaking. In addition to D20 Burlesque, Vera’s kittened and danced for Wasabassco, Shades of Burlesque, Pink and a Smile, and Girl Nation at the Stonewall Inn.

Catch Vera’s Pussy Posse debut Thursday, May 5th at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!

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