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Meet July’s Special Guest, Chris Comfort!!

Chris Comfort is an actor, a model, a musician, a personal trainer, a teacher, an acro-yogi, and a photographer. He is the creator and co-star of the YouTube comedy sex talk show, Sex Talk with Kenyon and Chris (www.kenyonandchris.com). As a photographer, Chris specializes in artistic nudes, dark art erotica, and portraiture. He has his first fine art photography show June 29th-July 1st, Stolen Sexuality (www.stolensexuality.com), and will be preparing for his next show, a macro photography study and celebration of women’s “private area” entitled The Vulva Beautiful. His other photography work can be seen on Instagram @chriscomfortphotos and www.chriscomfortphotography.com.

Come out and celebrate Dirty Lola’s Birthday and see Chris’s Pussy Posse debut at Otto’s Shrunken Head on July 22nd!!

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