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Meet March’s Go-Go Sensation, Lulu Kramer!!

Lulu Kramer is an N.Y. transplant that moved here for theatre school.  She loves to perform and work with people. She began her journey into Sex work at the ripe age of 19, where she was a nude model and a phone sex operator.  She stripteased her way at a few holes in the wall, as well as Gogo danced at the very well-known LGBTQ club Escuelita- which has since been closed.

Lulu became a cam girl the summer of 2012, after graduation where she began domming online- which lead her eventually to the kink scene in NYC- where she also works and plays!

Meet Lulu and the rest of the Pussy Posse Saturday, March 31st at Otto’s Shrunken Head! Get your tickets now! 

Meet March’s Special Guest, Francisco Ramirez!!

We are soooooo excited to have one of our favorite guests joining us again on the Sex Ed A Go-Go stage!!!

@FranciscoNYC on Twitter talks about sex… all the time. He holds a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in sexuality, from Columbia University and has worked as a consultant in sexual health at the United Nations since 2005, everywhere from Afghanistan to Uganda.

In New York, every weekend, he puts out two chairs and a sign that says “Free Sex Advice” and gives free sex & dating advice to passersby in New York City parks since 2007.

Francisco also serves as a voice in the media on sexual health issues, serving as a producer and on-air host of content on MTV, NPR, and as a guest on the Savage Love Cast with Dan Savage.

He recently launched a tour called “How To Fuck In College.” Learn more at FranciscoRamirez.com.

Meet Francisco and the rest of the Pussy Posse Saturday, March 31st at Otto’s Shrunken Head! Get your tickets now! 

Meet October’s Go-Go Diva, AKYNOS!!

Welcome to my world. This bio is written in the first person because, art.

 My official stage names are The Incredible, Edible, Akynos, Or MFA (MothaFuckin’ Akynos) It’s pronounced (Ah-Key-Nos). My tagline: “The Beast Of Burlesque” was given to me by performer friend Voodoo Onyx. I’m a New York raised stripper. Featured in nude magazines, music videos, and adult websites since I was 17. I’m a MILF supreme, nappy hair having, 45” of ass, performance artist. You can find me taking it off in burlesque showcases across the globe but primarily on NYC stages. I’ve featured/headlined in showcases both locally and internationally. In 2009 I was the winner of the best soloist and judge’s choice award at the Boston Burlesque Expo. In the same year, I was runner-up for the Miss International Showgirl competition in Jamaica; (one day I will compete again). I’ve curated shows in my homeland of Jamaica at the infamous Hedonism II resort, NYC, Vegas, and DC. My last projects were Darkie, THICK, and Dark. Nude. Storytellers. which makes a reappearance this October 2017. My upcoming projects are my new one-woman show “Black Pussy”, the scripted web series “Chronicles Of A Black Heaux”, and the social/whore commentary web-series “Whore Logic”, (currently on YouTube) all need your support and attention. 

 A leadership and program developer/organizer I am also a member of several different sex worker ran/lead organizations where I’ve lobbied in New York State against Condoms As Evidence and helped make recommendations on human rights policies at The UN. Some of these wonderful organizations which I hope you will support are: The Desiree AllianceThe Sex Worker Film & Arts FestivalBest Practices Policy ProjectSWOP-NYCWe Are Dancers and The NJ Red Umbrella Alliance; because being a ho should be every woman’s [person’s] fundamental right. And sex work is work. Don’t debate me on that. I’ll tear you down.

 I was a dance major in high-school and had a short theater acting stint until I decided to take a long break to raise my children and deal with patriarchy. I’ve performed in, competed and won many talent competitions since I was 12. These days I’m a borough famous emerging artist who holds two college degrees, working as a massage therapist and a maid because something has to support my artistic habit. All the while I’m wagging my duster at you, screaming for the rights of every human to use their body and energy how they choose. Walk with me. -A”

See the Incredible Edible Akynos in action at SHAG After Dark on August 13th!

Meet September’s Special Guest, Kimmay Caldwell!!!

Kimmay Caldwell is a soulful bra fitter and marketer on a mission to help people everywhere say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. Her career in intimates began in 2005 when she started as a bra fitter in a small NYC shop. It was then that her eyes were opened to the healing possibilities of a bra fitting. And after seeing what real bodies look like (not airbrushed falsities) she started her own journey of loving her body and now encourages others to do the same. Since then she has fit thousands of people for bras and swimsuits for cup sizes AA to N, run the marketing department for a lingerie retailer, and traveled the world to partner with some of the best brands in lingerie. In 2014 she started her own lingerie content marketing company, Hurray Media, which helps brands create educational and inspirational content and campaigns. 

You’ll always find Kimmay sharing her advice and heart on her website, Hurray Kimmay, as well as in the press! During her years as the brand merchandiser for Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman for La Perla, she appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. These two appearances, at the age of 22, were just the start. You may have seen Kimmay sharing her bra fitting expertise and encouragement in magazines like Brides, Women’s Health, Real Simple, and more. Or seen her on The Rachael Ray Show, or in national commercials for Warner’s. Or caught her modeling a cup-sized bikini in O Magazine. 

When she’s not home in NYC, Kimmay travels the world spreading the word about the positive impact of undergarments and learning to love yourself. Her adventures have taken her to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Paris, and so much more. She is the proud owner of a strawberry blonde cat, named Sunny and married to her wonderful husband, Trent. 

Meet July’s Special Guest, Chris Comfort!!

Chris Comfort is an actor, a model, a musician, a personal trainer, a teacher, an acro-yogi, and a photographer. He is the creator and co-star of the YouTube comedy sex talk show, Sex Talk with Kenyon and Chris (www.kenyonandchris.com). As a photographer, Chris specializes in artistic nudes, dark art erotica, and portraiture. He has his first fine art photography show June 29th-July 1st, Stolen Sexuality (www.stolensexuality.com), and will be preparing for his next show, a macro photography study and celebration of women’s “private area” entitled The Vulva Beautiful. His other photography work can be seen on Instagram @chriscomfortphotos and www.chriscomfortphotography.com.

Come out and celebrate Dirty Lola’s Birthday and see Chris’s Pussy Posse debut at Otto’s Shrunken Head on July 22nd!!

Meet July’s Shimmy and Shake Diva, Sweet Lorraine!!!


Sweet Lorraine “The Grace Jones of Burlesque” is the Creator & Producer of Shades of Burlesque, NYC’s ONLY All Black burlesque revue!  She also produces SafewordNYC: A kinky burlesque and BDSM spectacle and Sweet Fantasy Burlesque, featuring novice burlyQ dancers and some of NYC’s most sought after nightlife performers!

Sweet Lorraine aims to foster nurturing spaces for Black Women, POCs, & LGBTQ folk to share their dynamic expressions of sexuality!

Follow her @SweetLorraineNY on IG/Twitter/FB & at SweetLorraineNY.com! 

Come out and celebrate Dirty Lola’s Birthday and see Sweet Lorraine’s return to the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on July 22nd!!

Meet June’s Shimmy and Shake Diva, Vera Safire!!

Vera is a Pussy Posse Alumni and we are SO looking forward to haveing her back on the show!!

Vera Safire is a go-go dancer and stage kitten shimmying across New York stages and bars. Her love of midcentury fashion and classic films got her started in front of the camera as a pinup model. Wanting to take her aesthetic and love of dance to the stage, Vera debuted as a kitten and go-go for D20 Burlesque last year.  Moving easily between classic, camp and raunchy, Vera likes to incorporate classic 1960s go-go moves (and fringe) into her sets while leaving space for decidedly less classic booty shaking. In addition to D20 Burlesque, Vera’s kittened and danced for Wasabassco, Shades of Burlesque, Pink and a Smile, and Girl Nation at the Stonewall Inn.

Meet June’s Special Guest, Bex Caputo!!


I am beyond excited to have Bex joining the Sex Ed A Go-Go Fam this month!! They are super awesome and I can’t wait to get them on stage and share that awesome with all of you!!

Bex Caputo is a sex educator, blogger, speaker, podcaster, and dildo peddler. They’ve been a proud and undeniable kinkster ever since they insisted on being served their meals in a dog bowl at the age of 8 (and even before that, probably). They’re a Virgo, a Hufflepuff, a pup, and a nonbinary queerdo who grew up into the pop-punk skater boy they always had a crush on in high school.

You can find them on Twitter @BexTalksSex, on their blog at BexTalksSex.com, or on their weekly podcast The Dildorks!

Come out and celebrate Pride with Bex and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on June 24th!!